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Bethlehem! Oh Bethlehem! (You-Tube Video Links)

Bethlehem! Oh Bethlehem!


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Old Jeremy
Bill Baxter and Katherine Lee Bates:

Violin Playing 1

Song Lyrics:


Bethlehem! O Bethlehem!

The City of which The Angels sing.

In a manger bare

Born of Mary there

'Twas the Savior Christ the King.


1) Gloria! Gloria!

In excelsis Deo

They heard The Angels sing

Good tidings they did bring

Off to Bethlehem the shepherds did go. [chorus]


2) The Wisemen journeyed far,

And they followed the star,

Which shined over the place where Jesus lay.

On that 12th Christmas Day,

They came to the place,

Where Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus stayed. [chorus]


3) During this time of year

Which we hold so dear

And do things that are festive beyond reason.

The Name which stands out

From Frosty and Santa, is Jesus;

Who's the reason for The Season. [chorus]



A few years back, I wrote my only Christmas Carol in my head, entitled: "Bethlehem! Oh Bethlehem! I" recently  has a You Tube Video of this song made, but by itself, it is hard to impossible to google. So, I created this mini sub-site so people can google this video and other You Tube Videos I have had made with a lot less difficulty. Links to other You Tube Videos I have made are also posted on this site. Please enjoy these videos....
--Bill Baxter.



Carol Towne.