Battle of Bull Run..

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The First Battle of Bull Run (also was called the Battle of Manassas) was fought on July 21, 1861. This was the first major battle fought in The American Civil War after the Confederate Army fired on Fort Sumter 3 months earlier. Both sides went into this battle thinking that the Civil War was going to be a very short one--one that would be decided in a few months. This was especially true of the Union Army under General McDowell. They came at the Confederate Army thinking that Union Victory at Bull Run Creek was inevitable. Civilians, in their wagons and carriages, came from all around to the place where the battle would be fought, just to watch. For a little while, it loooked like it was going to be a Union Victory, but just as the Rebels were about to retreat, a Confederate Officer looked over at General Thomas Jackson and his men, as they stood firm in the heat of battle, and exclaimed "There's Thomas Jackson sitting there like a stonewall!" This nickname would stick with General Jackson throughout American History. This inspired the Confederate Soldiers to stay put and fight, which proved to be the turning point of the Battle at Manassas. Soon, Confederate Reinforcements showed up, and and Union General McDowell's Army was overwhelmed, and so it was the Union Army who was retreating. As the Union Army retreated from Confederate General Beauregard's Army, they helped to get a lot of the spectating civilians to safety. Churches nearby were set up to tend to the massive wounded soldiers at the Battle of Bull Run. The Union Army's Defeat at The First Battle of Bull Run sent out a message that the American Civil War would not just be a 90 day war. Later, a second battle was fought at Bull Run which was also won by The Confederacy.



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