Robert E. Lee.

Captain Eugene Cornell Memorial Civil War Showcase.



Even though General Lee was the Head General for the losing side in the Civil War, he is well  remembered and respected in American History as a Millitary Leader. In 1861, the People in Washington offered General Lee the position of Head General of the Union Army. Lee turned down the offer, as he refused to raise a sword against the State of Virginia, his home state which  he was strongly devoted to.  Later, he assumed command of the Northern Virginia Army, in The Confederacy. Lee and his army had control of the Eastern Campaign during the first half of the conflict. He and his army secured victories at The First and Second Battles of Bull Run, The Battle of Fredericksburg, and his greatest victory, the sneak attack at Chancillorsville. His cockiness at Gettysburg resulted in a bitter defeat of The Confederate Army. After that, the Confederacy fell apart. Lee surrendered to General grant in the Spring of 1865. Today, General Lee's home, The Custis Lee Mansion, is open for tours to the public in Washington DC.


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