Ulysses S. Grant

Captain Eugene Cornell Memorial Civil War Showcase.



Ulysses S. Grant is probably the "Top Rated General" in all of American History. He was appointed "General and Chief" of the Union Army after the outbreak of the American Civil War. During the first half of the war, Grant and his army dominated the western campaign, as the mowed the Confederate Armies clear down into the Deep South.  In 1863, the final stronghold for the Confederacy in the Western Campaign, was in the town of Vicksburg, MS. After Grant and his army bombed Vicksburg for a few days, The Confederate Army surrendered, and The West belonged to General Grant and The Union. In the Spring of 1865, Grant and General Sherman had General Lee's Confederate Troops pinned down. Lee surrendered and the Civil War was over. Ulysses S. Grant went on to be our 18th President.


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