Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.

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During the First Battle of Manassas (or "Bull Run"), the confederate officers saw General Jackson sitting on his horse "Like a Stone Wall," which bullets were buzzing around evrywhere. Stonewall Jackson (as he was now nicknamed) was a man of very strong faith in God. He belived strongly, that when it was God's Time for Jackson to meet His Maker, then it was time. This is what enabled General Jackson to stand pat during the heat of battle. This inspired his men not to retreat, but stay and fight, which they did, and won the battle. General Jackson's Millitary Leadership was very instrumental  in the Confederate Victories at First and Second Battles of Bull Run and Fredericksburg. He also engineered the sneak attack at Chancellorsville, which was a huge success. After reutrning to camp after the Battle of Chancellorsville, he was accidently wounded by some of his own men.
Stonewall Jackson had to have his arm amputated. Infection set in and Stonewall Jackson died a few days later.


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