Medal of Honor Recipients During Civil War.

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Jacob Wilson Parrott:
First person ever to receive the Medal of Honor in all of History. Parrot and several men captured a Confederate Train near Atlanta, and atempted to ride it all the way back north, destroying bridges, creating blockades and obstacles to slow down The Confederacy's efforts. The men were captured and were imprisoned. Parrott and six others escaped. The First Medal of Honor was presented to Jacob Parrott by Secretary of War Stanton. Parrott's Felloe Raiders later received The Medal of Honor as well.

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Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain:
He received the Medal of Homor for his steadfast bravery at Little Round Top during The Battle of Gettysburg.

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Dr. Mary Walker:
General William Sherman recommended Dr. Walker for the Medal of Honor for her gallant work as an Army Surgeon, which she received in 1866. Her medal was revoked during The Medal Purge of 1917. Over 60 Years later Jimmy Carter, during his Administration as President, reinstated Dr. Walker's Medal. Dr. Mary Walker is the only Woman in all of history to receive The Congressional Medal of Honor.

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