Battle of Chattanooga

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There were three battles at Chattanooga, TN. All three of the were Union Victories. The First Battle of Chattanooga occurred on June 7th and 8th in 1862. Union General James Negley and his men launched heavy artillery bombardment on Confederate Soldiers under the command of General Edmund Smith. The Second Battle of Chattanooga occurred over a year later, on August 21, 1862. This two was a Union Artillery Bombardment which prompted Confederate General Braxton Bragg to evacuate his troops from Chattanooga.
General Grant was determined to secure Chattanooga once and for all during the third battle. The Third Battle of Chattanooga on November 23-25, 1863;  consisted of two segments. First there was "The Battle of Lookout Mountain," which has also been referred to as "The Battle above the Clouds" because there was very dense fog which surrounded the mountain where the battle was e being fought. The Union Assault on Lookout Mountain resulted in Confederate General Bragg's retreat form the south end of the mountain and across Chattanooga Creek. Union General William T. Sherman pursued Bragg and his men across the creek and took Billy Goat Hill.
November 25 brought the conflict to the Battle at Missionary Ridge which was being defended by three confederate lines under General Cleburne, General Bragg, and General Breckinridge. Union General Sherman attacked Cleburne's men on the north end , but failed. Union General Thomas  attacked the center line. Thomas was ordered to move towards the Confederate Rifle Pit at the center of Missionary Ridge, but The Rebel Soldiers from the pit jumped out and ran back to the ridge which was an ultimate blunder for The Confederacy. The Rebels on the ridge did not have a clear shot the Advancing Union Troops. Eventually the center of The Rebels stronghold on the ridge was broken, and many Rebels began to panic and flee. General Hooker and The Army of the Potomac attacked General Bragg on the south end, and was successful. With The south end and  center of Missionary Ridge captured by the Union, The Confederacy was defeated, and they were in retreat. Following the Third Battle of Chattanooga, a cemetary at Orchard Knob was created for the fallen soliders.


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