General Sherman.

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In the latter part of 1864, General Sherman and his Union Troops besieged the City of Atlanta, and burned it to the ground. Atlanta was a major stronghold for the Southern Confederate Army. The city provided railroad transportation plus an major ammunition and artillery warehouse. The Rebel Troops got wind of Sherman's advance on Atlanta, and so they took as much of the weapons and amunition as they could, and set fire to the rest so Sherman's Men couldn't get their hands on them. After the Fall of Atlanta, the Confederacy was broken. General Sherman wanted to make sure things remained that way. And so in late December of 1864, Sherman began his famous March to the Sea. Sherman and his Union Troops destroyed every plantation, mill, shop, village, anything that could provide The Confederate Army with food, shelter, and other resources which would help the Rebel Troops get back on their feet again. Sherman and his Union Army destroyed just about everything between Atlanta and the Atlantic Ocean. This helped to bring a swift end to the war which had already lasted for four long years.


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