Battle of Chancellorsville.

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In April of 1863, Gen. Stonewall Jackson discovered a path through The Wilderness, where He and his Corp could drop in and surprise General Hooker and the Union Army of the Potomac at Chancellorsville, which is exactly what Jackson's Men did. Hooker's Left Flank was caught unaware, with flat feet. The casualties of The Army of the Potomac were heavy, as Jackson's Confederate Troops had them on the run. The Battle of Chancellorsville was said to have been General Lee's Greatest Victory as the outcome of the battle ultimately thwarted The Army of the Potomac's plans to capture Fredericksburg from General Lee's Confederate Army. On a sadder not, The Battle of Chancellorsville was said to have costed General Lee His Right Hand. After nightfall, Stonewall Jackson was returning to camp from the battle, and he was accidently shot in the left arm by one of his own men. He had to have his left arm amputated. A few days later, an infection set in and Stonewall Jackson died of pneumonia.

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