Battle of Vicksburg.

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From the Month of May, through to July 3rd, 1863, Major General Ulysses S. Grant and his Union Troops besieged the Town of Vicksborg, Mississippi; with heavy shelling. Women in Vicksburg dug out Caves and took shelter in them during the 48 days of heavy shelling.  Finally, in Early July of 1863, The Confederate Army and the Town of Vicksburg surrendered to Grant. Old Glory was displayed over the Vicksburg Court House.  With the victory at Vicksburg, General Grant and his Union Army had complete control of the Western Campaign. The Reputation of U.S. Grant was boosted, and Abraham Lincoln appointed Grant as Chief General of the Union Forces. During the last half of the Civil War, General Grant continued to thwart General Lee's Confederate Troops (with the help of General William T. Sherman), which eventually lead to Lee's "Unconditional Surrender" on April 9,1865.

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