Cyber Tribute to Lara Flynn Boyle.

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Lara Flynn Boyle has been active both in the Motion Picture Industry, as well as Network Television. She had just turned 20 years of age when she got to play the part of Donna Hayward in the Television Series, Twin Peaks (1990). Her most memorable TV Role was playing the part of Helen Gamble, a tough prosecuting attorney, who was unfortunately always pitted against the same tough law firm, on the hit TV Drama, The Practice in 1997.
One of Lara Flynn Boyle's specialties in character acting in motion pictures and T.V; is playing icy characters and villainess roles. One of her most memorable roles as a villainess, was playing a psychotic temp secretary in the 1993 thriller, The Temp, which also starred Timothy Hutton and Oliver Platt. Another succesful role she had playing a villainess was playing the part of Serleena in the recent Blockbuster, Men in Black 2, which also starred Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. She also
co starred as a showgirl involved with Organized Crime in the movie, Mobsters (with Christian Slater and Anthony Quinn) and the voracious ex-girlfriend of Wayne in the 1992 Blockbuster, Wayne's World.
Lara Flynn Boyle is dyslexic; but one would hardly notice that, watching her at work in one of her movies or TV Shows. She delivers all her lines in the script with top notch professional accuracy, and her villainess and icy character portrayals are  100% convincing. She has played other types of characters as well, and delivered a fine performance with each.  In fact there is not any type of character Lara Flynn Boyle can't play, and play well. But, she does exceptionally well at portraying villainess and icy characters.  Presently, I think she is one of the best character actresses in Hollywood.
Her successful life as a character actress is a good example of how people with disabilities can rise above their disablities and live successful  productive lives.

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