2009 Inductees.

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Alphabetical Order:

GENE BARRY: Veteran T.V. Actor who was famous for his leading role as the American Folklore Legend of the Old West, Bat Masterson
JOHNNY CRAWFORD: Actor and singer remembered most for his portrayal of Mark McCain, son of The Rifleman, Lucas McCain.
PAUL FIX: Was a Charactor Actor in many T.V. Westerns and Movies. He was most famous for his role as Marshall Micah Torrance in The Rifleman.
L.Q. JONES: Character Actor who is remembered for his portrayal of Smitty, who was the "Sidekick" to Cheyenne in the Old 1950's T.V. Folklore Classic.
CLINT WALKER: Portrayed Cheyenne in the old T.V. Folklore Classic.


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