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Real and Fictional Villains of American Folklore:

William Bonney: Was also known as Billy the kid. He began his rampage in the old west during The Lincoln County Wars when his mentor was gunned down by Lawrence G. Murphy's henchmen, who happened to be crooked lawmen.
BELLE STARR: She was married to a Cherokee Indian by the name of Sam Starr, and was one of the most notorious female outlaws of The American Old West. She at one time was involved with The Younger Brothers.
DALTON GANG: The Most Notorious Train Robbers in The Oklahoma Territory during the Late 19th Century. Their thirst for fame proved to be their undoing. They met their end in  Coffeyville, KS; after a foiled bank robbery. 
~~LEX LUTHOR: In DC Comics, Lex Luthor is Superman's greatest arch enemy. Armed with high intellegence, Luthor uses it towards being the greatest criminal mastermind, and the destruction of the Man of Steel.
JOAQUIN MURRIETA: He was the "The Mexican Robin Hood" in Gold Rush California. 
BONNIE PARKER & CLYDE DARROW: A couple which formed an gang of Bank Robbers during America's Great Depression, consisting of Clyde's brother Buck and Buck's wife, and C.W. Moss. The 1967 film, "Bonnie and Clyde" made this couple infamous folklore legends.
~~STACK-O-LEE: Also known as in American Folklore "Stag-o-lee." Cajun Killer depicted in Lloyd Price's 1959 Hit, "Stagger Lee."

BLACK BART: He was a legendary Stage Coach Robber in Late 19th Century California. His real name was Charles E. Boles.
~~INJUN JOE: Fictional villain in Mark Twain's "Adventures of Tom Sawyer." Tom witnesses a murder committed by Injun Joe. When Tom's friend and the town drunk,  Muff Potter; wass blamed for the crime and went on trial for his life, Tom Sawyer came forward in Court and fingered the real killer--Injun Joe.
JAMES-YOUNGER GANG: Oppressed by various railroad investors of the Chicago Railroads, Jesse and Frank James, former guerilla members of Quantrill Raiders; joined Cole Younger and his brothers in robbing banks, trains and stage coaches. The James-Younger Gang was disolved after a foiled bank roberry in Northfield. Jesse James was later shot and killed in his own home by Bob Ford. 
~~EDWARD NIGMA: Fictional villain and arch enemy of Batman in DC Comics. He is "The Riddler."

~~DR. NORMAN OSBORNE: Fictional Villain in the Marvel Suiperheroes Bomic Books.  An experiment leaves Osborne mentally unbalaced., He he assumes his atter ego, The Green Goblin.
THE WILD BUNCH:.A gang of outlaws and robbers in America's Wild West which was led by Robert Leroy Parker (alias Butch Cassidy). Also in the gang were Harry Longabaugh (alias The Sundance Kid), Kid Curry, Ben Kilpatrick (alias The Tall Texan), and News Carver. 


JOHN BROWN: Fanatic Abolitionist who was responsible for "Bleeding Kansas" and the infamous attack on the armory at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. A song was written about him right after his hanging which is sung to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic.
~~OSWALD COBBLEPOTT: Deformed villain and adversary to Batman, whose alias is The Penguin.
~~SELENA KYLE: Alias The Catwoman, is an American Comic Book Villainess and adversary to Batman.
~~HORATIO QUAXTON: Disney Villain in the Disney Classic, The Gnomemobile.
RED SASH GANG: One of America's first "Organized Crime" outfits of the Old West which operated in Tombstone, Arizona. The members of the Red Sash Gang included Curly Bill Brosus, Johnny Ringo, and Ike Clanton and his Clan. A lot of the Red Sash Gang was brought to justice by Wyatt Earp.
--JOHN RICKETTS: Poacher Villain in the Disney Motion Picture, Far Far Away.
~~JURVIS TECH: Comic Book Villain and adversry to Batman, whose alias is the Mad Hatter from "Alice in Wnderland."


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~~Fictional Villains of American Folklore.


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