2007 American Folklore Hall of Fame Inductees.

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~~BATMAN / BRUCE WAYNE: Fiction DC Comics American Superhero. A Gotham City Billionaire fights crime in the big city as the dark knight caped crusader.
LYNDA CARTER: Beauty Contest Winner, American Actress, and Professional Speaker who played the Amazon Superheroine, Wonder Woman in the 1970's.
~~SPIDERMAN / PETER PARKER: Fictional MARVEL Comic Superhero. A science whiz student and photographer develops super human mutant powers and fights crime in New York city after being bitten by a radioactive spider.
LYLE WAGGONER: American actor starred in the 1970's TV Series, Wonder Woman. He  portrayed Col. Steve Trevor, fictional friend of the Amazon Heroine Wonder Woman.


Lynda Carter.


~~WONDER WOMAN / DIANA PRINCE: Fictional Amazon Princess, who leaves her home of "Paradise Island" during World War II to fight The Axis evil, and fight for American Justice.

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