2008 Inductees.

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JAMES ARNESS: Portrayed US Marhall, Matt Dillon, in TV's Longest running TV Western, "Gunsmoke." Matt Dillon is a fictional Federal Lawman who kept law and order in Dodge City.
Arness also was famous for his portrayal of Zeb McCahon in the 1970's TV Series, "How the West was Won."
ELFEGO BACA: Legendary Lawman and Lawyer of the Old West in the Late 19th Century. Baca was legendary, because he had several brushes with death while keeping law and order in the Old West, but he lived to be a ripe old age. Charactor Actor, Robert Loggia, portrayed Back in a Disney TV Mini Seires released back in 1962.
PETER BRECK: Actor famous for his portrayal of Nick Barkley, who ran the Barkley Ranch near Old Stockton in the Hit Sixties TV Western, "The Big Valley."
CHUCK CONNORS: Late TV Actor who portrayed Lucas McCain in the TV Series Classsic, "The Rifleman." In this series, Lucas McCain is a ranch owner who is fast on the draw with a rifle he carried with him, which helped keep law and order in the old fictional Western Town of Northfork.
LINDA EVANS: TV Actress who portrayed Audra Barkley on "The Big Valley."
LORNE GREEN: Actor who played Ben Cartwright, the fictional owner of the Ponderosa Ranch and head of the Cartwright Clan. In the second longest running TV Western in history ("Bonanza"), Ben Cartwright had three sons through three different wives: Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe. Ben, his three sons, and Hop Sing (the cook) ran the Poderosa Ranch near Virginia City, Nevada, before and during The Civil War.
RICHARD LONG: Late TV Actor who portrayed the eldest Barkley Brother, Jared,  a 19th Century Lawyer in "The Big Valley."
LEE MAJORS:  Actor who was famous for his role as Heath Barkley in The Big Valley, Col. Steve Austin in "The Six Million Dollar Man," and Stuntman/Bounty Hunter, Colt Seavers in the TV Classic, "The Fall Guy." All three of these TV Series which Lee Majors starred in became TV American Folklore Classics.
BARBARA STANWYCK: Late Movie and TV Actress who later in her career, starred as the "Queen of the Valley," Victoria Barkely, in the Sixties TV Western, "The Big Valley."

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