American Folklore Hall of Fame 3.

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July 2002 Inductee:

IRVING BERLIN: Wrote music and songs for "Easter Parade," and "Annie Get Your Gun." He also wrote the Patriotic Song, "God Bless America," which was first sung by Kate Smith back in the 1930's. He lived to be 101 years old.



August 2002 Inductee:

KATE SMITH: She was the First Singer to ever perform Irving Berlin's "God Bless America," which was on Armistice Day in the Year, 1938. From then on, clear up to her final day, she did several public and televised performances of this American Patriotic Favorite. She sang this Number at several NHL Hockey Games.


September 2002 Inductee:

~~FEBOLD FEBOLDSON: The Fictional Giant Swedish Farmer of American Folklore, who according to the legends, was said to have performed several feats with nature, in attempt to persuade others to stay in the Great Plains, instead of going west to California. One of the things he did was try to bring an end to a long drought by burning large bonfires near a nearby lake, causing the water to evaporate. The legend states that he also brought rain to the region by gathering up hundreds of frogs all in one place to make croaking noises. These noises caused it to rain, and put an end to the drought.



October 2002 Inductee:

WOODY GUTHRIE: Writer of the Popular 20th Century Patriotic Folk Song, "This Land is Your Land."


November 2002 Inductee:

GENE AUTRY & THE ANGELS BASEBALL TEAM: Country Legend who sang Country Hits such as Back in the Saddle Again, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. He was the owner of the California Angels Major League Baseball Team during his life. The team eventually became the Anaheim Angels, and won its first World Series Championship on October 26, 2002.


December 2002 Inductee:

MILES STANDISH: Pilgrim and Captain of the Mayflower which sailed from England to Plymouth Rock in 1620. He was one of the principle characters in Longfellow's The Courtship of Miles Standish.


Year 2003.

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January 2003 Inductee.

MADAME HELENA MODJESKA: She was a famous stage cctress who performed in American Theaters during the Late 19th Century. She eventually settled in an area which today is Anaheim/Orange County, California. A canyon in Orange County, and a City Park in the City of Anaheim both carry her name.



February 2003 Inductee.

LAURA INGALLS WILDER: She was the best selling author of a series of children's books which the Hit TV Series of the 1970's, Little House on the Prairie was based on.




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