Meet the Riff Raff

Folklore Tribute to The Dukes of Hazzard.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HOGG: He was the Crooked Commisioner of Hazzard County. People just called him Boss. He was the richest man in Hazzard County, and owned The Boars Nest and The Hazzard County Bank.



ROSCOE P. COLTRANE: Was the crooked Sheriff of Hazzard County, and brother-in-law to Boss Hogg. He was/is dedicated to upholding one law in Hazzard County--Boss Hogg's. When Boss Hogg passed on, Roscoe inherited everything.



COUSIN GAYLORD: Actually, he was a con man who came to Hazzard County posing as The Duke's Cousin Gaylord. The real Cousin Gaylord was suppose to be a cousin to The Dukes, but not blood kin. Daisy fell in love with this charleton, before realizing he was an imposter.


HUGHIE HOGG: He was Boss Hogg's nephew who is more crooked then his uncle. Every now and then, Boss Hogg would bring Hughie to Hazzard County to try to frame Bo and Luke, and get them out of his hair for good. One time, Hughie came to town, he swindled his "Uncle Boss" out of everything, and became the "New Boss" of Hazzard County, until The Dukes came to the rescue.


JAMIE LEE HOGG: As the feud between The Dukes and The Hoggs escalated, Jamie Lee came to Hazzard County, and he and Daisy Duke fell in love. When Jamie Lee and Daisy decided to tie the knot, Jesse Duke and Boss Hogg were fit to be tied. However, Jamie Lee turned out to be involved with crooks, and ended up going to jail instead; but the romantic relationship he shared with Daisy brought hope for his turning over a new leaf in the future.


BIG DADDY HOGG: Shortly after Bo and Luke go on the NASCAR Circuit, Boss Hogg's "Big Daddy" showed up in Hazzard County, and was up to no good. Coy and Vance Duke came to the rescue, and set things right.


DEWEY HOGG: He was another nephew of Boss Hogg, and a lot more crooked than the other nephews. One day, Dewey Hogg faked paralysis, and showed up in Hazzard County in attempt to swindle his Uncle, and ruin Jesse Duke; but, The Dukes turned the tables on him, in a game called "Swindle the swindler," and Dewey Hogg was carted off to jail.


SHERIFF LITTLE: He was the Sheriff of Chickasaw County, and had it in for Bo and Luke, even more so than Boss Hogg and Roscoe, and was made a bigger fool of by the Duke Boys than Boss Hogg and Roscoe.


SHERIFF "SPIKE" LOOMIS: Peace Officer of a neighboring county, who has had it in for Jesse Duke and all the Ridge Runners for decades.


SWAMP MOLLY: She was a long time friend of Jesse Duke (she rescued Uncle Jesse from a wrap with the Feds during the Great Depression), but not exactly on the right side of the law. One day she showed up asking the Dukes to help her make one last Moonshine Run in a truck disguised as an Ice Cream Truck, but she was really tricking the Duke Boys into running illegal firearms for her. When the Dukes discover this, they get themselves off, and Swamp Molly, by sinking the truck into a pond with quicksand at the bottom.


CATFISH LEE: A professional prize fighter who picked a fight at The Boars Nest and knocked Luke Duke into an antique mirror, purchased by Boss Hogg, and worth $3,000 dollars. The mirror shattered, and Boss Hogg blamed Luke. The only way for Luke Duke to get off the hook was to fight Catfish Lee in the ring in the "Hazzard County Prize Fight of the Century." Catfish Lee was also part of a band of crooks (Billy Ray and Culpepper) who were out to take the good people of hazzard for a lot of money. If Luke didn't show up for the fight, the crooks got all the procedings from the fight. They attempted to keep Luke away from the fight, but their fiendish plot was thwarted by the Dukes, and Luke knocked out Catfish Lee in the fourth round.


BENNY THE QUILL: This Hazzard County Resident specialized in Bum Checks and Forged Documents. Boss Hogg enlisted Benny to forge a document which would have swindled JD Hogg's Twin Bother, Abe, out of an inheritance. This plot was thwarted by Luke and Daisy Duke.


SUE ANN McGRAW: A woman Sheriff Roscoe met through a Computer Dating Service, who vowed to become Roscoe's Beautiful Bride, unaware to the people of Hazzard County (including Roscoe) that she belonged to a gang of wanted bandits, one of whom was already married to Sue Ann. Sue Ann's Wedding with Roscoe was merely a decoy to keep the Hazzard County Police, Boss Hogg, and the Hazzard Townfolk way from JD Hogg's Bank so that her gang of bandits could pull off a big Bank Heist.


EARL BECKET: Daisy Duke fell in love with this handsome visitor to Hazzard County, unaware that Becket was a hired bomber, who was hired by JW Hickman, A Boss from another county who had been trying to cut in on JD Hogg's Operations in Hazzard County for years. Boss Hogg and Roscoe kept refusing to yield to Boss Hickman's wishes, so Boss Hickman had Earl Picket plant bombs in Hazzard County, in hopes JD Hogg would change his mind, and cut Boss Hickman on his operations in Hazzard. Boss Hogg still refused to deal with Boss Hickman, and so finally, Earl planted a bomb near the speaking platform where JD Hogg was going to give his Annual State of the County Address; but the sinister plot was foiled by The Dukes, including Daisy, who finally saw Earl for the kind of person he really was, and she helped to bring him to justice.


JASON STEELE: A Ruthless Bounty Hunter who was hired by Sheriff Rocoe, P. Coltrane. Due to a computer error, Roscoe temporarily became the richest man in Hazzard County, and he hired Jason Steele to frame the dukes and send them up the river for keeps.


BONNIE LANE: Pretty Southern Belle who pretends to be interested in Cooter Davenport so her Boyfriend (Russ Mitchell) can pull of a fur heist. Russ Mitchell sold some stolen furs to Boss Hogg, and then plans to double cross Boss Hogg, by stealing the furs back from JD Hogg, and selling them to someone else. Bonnie Lured Cooter away from his garage so that Russ Mitchell can break into Boss Hogg's Fur Room from inside Cooter's Garage.


HARVEY DUNSMORE: A crooked Boss from Atlanta, who plans to buy stolen furs from JD Hogg.


HEEP AND MORTON: A pair of Ruthless Record Pirates who attempt to illegally record and market Mickey Gilley's Concert in Hazzard County and double cross Boss Hogg and Roscoe. The dukes are framed, but they clear their name, shut down the record pirates, and collect the reward from Mickey Gilley himself.


JASPER FENWICK: A hard nosed illegal moonshine distributor who gets Boss Hogg to trick Jesse Duke into breaking hos oath to the Federal Government which was not to make on run anymore moonshine. Jesse Duke turns the tables on Boss and Roscoe who each end up receiving a black eye from Jasper's Henchman, Eli.


LINDA MAY BARNES: A beautiful young belle posing as a peace officer, comes to Hazzard County to spring her Public Enemy Number 2 Boyfirend, Rafe Logan, who is stopping over in the Hazzard County Jail, enroute to prison. Boss Hogg made her "Acting Sheriff of Hazzard County, until her crooked cover is blown. Linda May's plot is foiled by The Dukes.



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