My Family Tree of Veterans.

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Distant Relatives (Civil War):
  • **James Butler (Wild Bill)  Hickok (Union Army Teamster)
  • **Stephen Cornell (2 Great Grandfather--Union Army)
  • ***Capt. Eugene Cornell (3 Great Uncle--Union Army)


Immediate Family Tree Veterans:

  • **Leroy Edwin Baxter (Grandfather--U.S. Navy WWI & II)
  • Joseph Wallin (Godfather/Uncle--U.S. Marines)
  • ***Eugene Baxter (Uncle- U.S. Hospital Corp WWII)
  • **George Thomas Baxter (Uncle-U.S. Navy WWII)
  • **Richard Bennett Baxter (Uncle-US Navy WWII)
  • **John Lewis Baxter (Father-US Navy WWII)
  • **William Leroy Baxter (Uncle- Korean War)
  • Lawrence Baxter (Cousin-US Navy).
  • Jeffrey Lewis Baxter (Brother-First Lt. Army Chaplain)
  • Jennifer Sullivan (Niece-U.S. Navy)

Worked for US Army as Civilians:

  • Enid Wallin Baxter (Mother--Civilian Worker-US Army)
  • W.E. Baxter (Civilian-Service Source at US Army's Fort Carson, CO.)
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    --"These Family Tree Members served (some even ** fought and ***died) for me and my country.''
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