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SSDI for People with TS over 50--NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!

People with Tourette Syndrome (TS) cannot multi task which grossly limits the job market for them. A TS patient usually can, for the most part, land a non multi task job when they are young and fresh out of school. Some people with TS can work for a number of years at non multi task positions, and some even have families and can work until they are 65 years of age.

But with the economy the way it is today, and the fact that a lot of non multi task jobs are being replaced more and more by technology, people with TS are being laid off more and more. There is not nearly as many non multi task jobs as there use to be. If people with TS over 50 get laid off after their 50th Birthday, THEY'RE DONE! For whatever non multi task positions which remain in the job market, and which have not been replaced by computers and technology, employers will not hire people over 50. Instead, employers usually hire kids fresh out of high school and college.

By no means, this is NOT saying that a person with TS should quit his/her job after age 50 to collect SSDI, when they have the option of working on through to age 65. However, people over 50 years of age with Tourette Syndrome, and who have been laid off from their jobs, need to be allowed to collect SSDI, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, as long as a person over 50 can provide Medical Documentation that they have Tourette Syndrome.

1. People with Tourette Syndrome cannot multi task, and cannot obtain or retain jobs which require multi tasking after age 50.

2. Jobs which do not require multi tasking have been replaced by technology more and more over the years.

3. For any full time jobs which remain in the work force that didn't require multi tasking, employers for the most part will not hire people over 50.

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What is TS?


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