What is TS?

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Taking it on the Chin.

My Autobiography, "There's Weirdo," is about how I took it on the chin from my teenage peers when I was young (back in the Sixties), because I was different,and how God changed my life forever when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. God teaches us to "Forgive those who persecute us," and so I do. Besides, back in the Sixties and Early Seventies, no one hardly ever heard of Tourette Syndrome. Even Neurologists could not pin point what was wrong with me.

Therefore, I feel, why punish these people for an Ignorant Society. Today is a different story. Tourette Syndrome is completely out in the public limelight now. If a student at any school has Tourettes, the school faculty and that particular student's teachers can be well informed of that particular student's medical problem. But even today, teenage students with TS take it on the chin at school from their teenage peers, because the teenagers with TS are different.

So, in light the problems with anger in our teenagers today, plus the tragic events that took place Santee High School, and at Columbine High Scool in Colorado; teenage students who harass students with Tourette Syndrome should be severely punished. The first couple of times, teenage harassing students with TS should be suspended from school. Continued harassment should result in expulsion, and always, teenagers harassing students with TS should be considered a Misdemeanor Juvenile Offense.


What is TS?


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