New Orleans Delights.

Two Major Home Cities:
Tributes to Late Relatives.

NARRATOR: It was a bright hot sunny day in New Orleans, LA--hot and humid; humid and hot; and, just plain humid. And in the Port of New Orleans, thousands of passengers as far as the eye could see, were pouring onto the Mississippi Steam Boat, to embark on one of those ever famous Mississippi Steamboat Cruises. An hour later, the ship left the dock, and proceded up north up the Mighty Mississippi River towards its destination--St. Louis MO. There were two very important guests aboard the vessel. And in the ship's galley, The Famous French Chef, Von Shlep Pierre was preparing two of his New Orleans Delight Breakfasts for the two very important guests aboard the vessel. He was assisted bt two assistant chefs. Von Shlep Pierre scrambled three eggs for each plate, and sprinkled them with Hot Cajun Pepper. Then he fried some New Orleans Potatoes on the grill, and he sprinkled them with Hot Cajun Pepper. Then he shoveled the eggs and the potatoes onto the plates. And to each of the two plates, he added two Hot Cajun Sausages to give the New Orleans Delights that desparately needed added zing. and just as Von Shlep pierre made ready two serve the New Orleans Delights to the two very important guests, in walked the First Mate of the ship, and he said:


FIRST MATE: Von Shlep Pierre, the Captain wishes to speak to you in his quarters, about tonight's menu.


VON SHLEP PIERRE: Sacre bleu! Le Assistants, si vous plait. Take le entries out, to Table Seven! I must go and speak to ze Captain!


NARRATOR: And so Von Shlep Pierre left the galley, and proceded up to the Captain's Quarters to discuss the dinner menu, unaware that his two Assistant Chefs were none other than those two no-goodniks, Boris Badinov, and his wife, Natasha! Boris and Natasha took the two New Orleans Delights, and they blanketed them with Hot Cajun Pepper. Then they turned them over onto the plate, and they blanketed them with Hot Cajun Pepper again. Then the phony two Assistant Chefs took the two New Orleans Delights out into the Dinning Room, to serve them to our two heroes, Rocky and Bullwinkle.


BORIS: Yeah, gonna make Moose and Squirrel sick! Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh!


NATASHA: But Boris Darling, are you sure we used enough Cajun Pepper? _______________________________________________________

BORIS: Yeah, I'm sure.


NARRATOR: Soon the two phony assistant chefs arrived at the Table of Rocky and Bullwinkle.


BORIS: Two New Orleans Delights....


BULLWINKLE: What's the matter? Don't they serve the "Old Ones" anymore?


ROCKY: Bullwinkle, New Orleans is the city in Louisiana where we left the dock.


BULLWINKLE: Gee, Rock! Which State's the "Old One" located in?

[Rocky slaps his forehead]



Soon, Boris and Natasha left the dining room. And Rocky, knowing that something was out of the ordinary as usual, hesitated on taking that first mouthful. But no sooner di Rocky hesitate, then Bullwinkle shove that first mouthful down his Big Moose Gullet!

[Bullwinkle Swallows, lands in his stomach, stomach rumbles]


ROCKY: Bullwinkle, you're stomach's rumbling!


BULLWINKLE: Gee Rock, I thought it was Captain Peachfuzz's Boiler Room.

[stomach rumbles again]

Then again, maybe not.


NARRATOR: And the rumbling in Bullwinkle's stomach kept getting worse, and worse, and worse!


BULLWINKLE: Yeah, and I havn't even had my first cupacino yet. ________________________________________________________

NARRATOR: Be sure to stay tune for our next exciting episode, as we bring you: _





--Mr. Toastmaster.

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