What is Sleep Apnea??

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Sleep Apnea is a severe disorder where a person can't get adequate sleep at night because of difficulty in breathing. The dificulty is caused by excess pallot tissue, which causes severe snoring, which in turn, obstructs the individuals breathing, causing him to awake continually throughout the night. The person is usually so sleepy, and out of it, he doesn't realize all the times he actually awakes during the night. A lot of times, throughout the course of the day, the person will find himself drifting in, and out of sleep, and find it very difficult to stay awake.

Sleep Apnea can be very dangerous, as a person can find himself falling asleep behind the wheel, falling asleep at his desk, and banging his head on the desk, causing injury; or in the middle of the night, he might get up to go to the bathroom, and fall asleep standing up. While he is asleep standing up, he can topple over onto something, or topple over and bang his head on something.

If a person suspects that he is suffering from Sleep Apnea, the best thing he can do is to see his doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will usually refer the person to a "Sleep Center" for observation. If the results of the Overnight Sleep Test indicate Sleep Apnea, the doctor will perscribe what is called a "C-PAP Machine. The machine is attached to a hose, and the hose is attached to an oxygen mask, which goes over the patient's nose. The machine increases oxygen flow through the mask, and into the person's nose, so he can breath freely through his nose while he is asleep, and not snore. With the C-PAP Machine, a person with Sleep Apnea can get a good night's sleep.

The reason I know so much about Sleep Apnea, is I have been diagnosed with "Severe" Sleep Apnea. The C-PAP has been my "Best friend" at night. All I can say is, Sleep Apnea is nothing to mess around with. If you have, or you suspect you have it, make an appointment with your doctor IMMEDIATELY! This can ultimately save your life!

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