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On January 3rd, 2005, The Angels LP willfully defied thousands of fans in the Orange County Area and changed the name of the Anaheim Angels to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. In Major League Baseball, the fans come first, right? t wasn't so in this case. In October 2002, The Anaheim Angels won their first World Series. Since the Front Office dissed Anaheim and Orange County, the team has never even made it to a World Series. Starting off a new decade (2010 and 2011) The Angels havn't even made it to the Post Season. On June 18, 2005; Angels Pitcher, Brendan Donelly was caught using pine tar on his glove to enhance his pitching. Frank Robinson, Manager of the Washington Nationals, brought it to the umpire's attention and Donelly was ejected from the game and received a 10 game suspension. Mike Scioscia, the Angels. Manager, immediately went nose to beak with Robinson which resulted in a bench clearing melee. Scioscia and Robinson both received 1-game suspensions.

A.J. Pierzynski  Call: During the AL Pennant Race, The Umpire made a deliberate bad call towards the end Game Two of the AL Pennant Finals. AJ Pierzynski  who struck out, ran to first base. The umpire called him safe. Mike Scioscia ran out of the dugout to argue  the call, but the ruling stood --Pierzynski  was safe at first. After that, The Angels fell apart and went on to lose the American League Pennant to the Chicago White Sox.

2006 Season: The Angels won their battle in court against the City of Anaheim, but ended up spending twice as much in legal fees as the City of Anaheim had to spend. Anaheim capped about $150,000 to appeal the case. The Angels were in last place for the first half of the 2006 Season. On August 18, 2006; Adam Kennedy charged the mound after being hit by a pitch by Rangers' Pitcher, Scott Feldman. Shortly later, Angels Reliever, Kevin Gregg, retaliated by throwing a pitch right behind Ian Kinsler's ear. The umpire issued a warning to both benches, which The Angels Dugout paid no heed. Mike Young of The Rangers was beaned by Kevin Gregg, and Gregg and Scioscia were sent to the locker room. Ron Roenicke replaced Scioscia, but not for the rest of the game as Brendan Donelly beaned  Freddie Guzman. Ron Roenickewas also ejected. The Angels did not make the Post Season that year.

2007 Season: The Angels signed Outfielder, Gary Matthews Jr. for $50 Million. Later, the outfielder was suspected of steroids use. Matthews turned out to be a major disappointment to The Angels in the long haul. On May 14, 2007; Angels Reliever, Hector Carrasco, was ejected from the game after grazing Ian Kinsler's helmet with a curve ball. The Angels were brought under more scrutiny when Angel Stadium of Anaheim was reported as having a large infestation of rats and and other vermin. The organization was charged with several health violations. The Angels had a successful year, and managed to make it to the Post Season again, only to be  humiliated by Manny Ramirez and the Boston Red Sox. During the 2nd game of the 2007 Post Season against the Red Sox, The Angels had the lead in the bottom of the 9th. Manny Ramirez got a hold of one which was still ascending when it cleared the Big Green Monster in Fenway. Manny's walk off homer disappeared into the Boston Night Sky, giving The Red Sox the victory and leaving a bad taste in the mouths of Angels Fans everywhere. The Angels Post Season ultimately collapsed after that. Manny was given the title of "The Angels Killer."

2008 Season: The Angels signed a super star outfielder from The Twins--Tori Hunter. During the regular season, The Angels had one of their most productive years ever, as they were the only MLB team in 2008 to win 100 games or more. This was all for naught, and The Angels were severely blown out of the first round of the play-offs once again by the Red Sox. After the major 2008 Post Season Upset, Dana Parsons of the Los Angeles Times wrote his article: "The Angels are Cursed by Moreno's Mistake." A new Major League Baseball Curse was born. Also, despite being the only MLB Team to have over 100 wins during the regular season, The Annual Harris Poll listed The Angels as being the "Most Unpopular Team in America."

2009 Season:  The first couple of months of the 2009 Season started, The Angels started their season much like their 2006 Season a couple of years earlier, but had a freak power surge during the early part of June, which never stopped. The Angels were able to get to the Post Season in The Fall of 2009, but once again, the team was listed as one of the most unpopular teams in America by the 2009 Harris Poll. The Angels were able to get past The Red Sox this time, during the first round of the 2009 Post Season. They went on to face the New York Yankees for the AL Pennant. The Angels had owned The Yanks completely over the years, but were blown out of the AL Pennant Race by that same team, and more deliberate bad calls from the umpires. The Angels have not made it to the Post Season since.  Disney, who was proud to call the team the Anaheim Angels,  owned the team the year the team won the 2002 World Series. The Anaheim Angels of 2002 has remained the Only Angels Team to ever win a World Series Ring.

2010 Season: The Angels were able to sign The 2009 World Series MVP, Hideki Matsui, who turned out to be another disppointment. The Angels lost their ace pitcher, Steve Lackey, to the Boston Red Sox; Vladimir Guererro to the Texas Rangers (who had a great year with that team) and Chone Figgens to the Seattle Mariners, which has all but destoryed Figgen's Career. Early in the year, Kendry Morales hit a Grand Slam for the Angels only to shatter his ankle when he tried to dance one home plate. Morales has not played an MLB Game since messing up his ankle. During the latter part of the season, Tori Hunter completely lost it when he was called out on strikes. He smacked the umpire with the rim of his helmet, and was ejected from the game. He had to be restrained by a few of his teamates. The Angels fell short of the play-offs.

2011 Season: The Angels acquired Vernon Wells in a trade with the Blue Jays, which resulted in another MLB Disappointment for The Angels. Well's batting average for The Halos in 2011 was .215. One of the players The Angels traded for Wells was slugger, Mike Napoili. Later, the Blue Jays traded Naploli to the Texas Rangers.  In Arlington, Naploli had his most successful year in The Majors, ever. Napoli helped The Rangers to get to their second straight World Series. In 2013, Napoli took home a World Series Ring when the Boston Red Sox won their Third World Series Championship during the 21st Century. During the early part of the season, The Dodgers came up with a new T-shirt which basically was another Rip on the Angels Name Change: Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles." On July 31st, 2011; The Angels ' Ace Pitcher, Jared Weaver, was ejected from the game against The Tigers, when he deliberately hurled a pitch towards the head of Alex Avila, following a Home run by Carlos Guillen.  There was a flicker of hope that The Angels were going to squeak into the 2011 Post Season; but, that was shattered towards the end of the regular season when The Angels Closer, Jordan Walden, blew a save when The Angels were ahead of The A's by three runs in the Top of the 9th. This was the second straight year The Angels didn't make the Post Season. The 2011 Harris Poll listed The Angels as being one of the "Top 10 Most Unpopular  Teams in Major League Baseball.

Prelude Into the 2012 Season: One of the Biggest Splurges in MLB History could very well put an early end to The Name Change Curse, but, on the other hand, don't hold your breath. What often makes a productive team and contender is not so much how many star players and sluggers are signed, but the strong "Team Chemistry" of a particular ballclub.  The Angels over spent more than $300 Million to sign Albert Pujols, CJ Wilson, and Chris Ianetta. However, if the team chemistry isn't there, the overspending will do very little to nothing towards The Angels obtaining their second World Series Ring. Becuase of team chemistry, the Texas Rangers have been the team to beat in the American League. The Angels' overspending hasn't changed that fact. Pujols, the Hall of Fame First Baseman, was soon villified by people and fans outside The Angels Organization and Fanbase, especially by St. Louis Cardinals Fans. Cardinals Fans claim that Pujols welched on a promise to them which stated his attentions were to always be a St. Louis Cardinal. Burning Pujols Jerseys quickley became a popular fad and ritual. Guards have now been posted around the Statue of Albert Pujols in St. Louis.

April 2012: As a St. Louis Cardinal, Albert Pujols had a lifetime batting average of .328, and a career total of 445 homeruns. During his first month as an Angel in the American League, Albert has had over 60 at bats, he did not hit one homerun. His American League batting average was .246. After the first month of the 2012 Season, going into May 2012, The Angels were in last place in the AL West. Pujol's Career as a whole has been far less productive with the so called Los Angeles Angels, than it was with the St. Louis Cardinals.

As the team entered into mid season, Mickey Hatcher, The Angels Hitting Coach was fired. The Angels became one of the Hottest Teams in Major League Baseball around late May 2012. Soon, they rocketed from Last Place in the AL West to second place, but they were never able to catch the Texas Rangers.
 After a mid season power surge, The Angels began to crash and burn in August 2012. It started when The Angels were having a 4 game series with The Rangers. The Angels did win the first two games of that series, and it looked as though they were going going to win three, but Texas rallied in the bottom of the last inning to defeat The Halos. Texas crushed The Angels in Game 4 to make it a series split. From then on, The Angels embarked on another losing streak. On August 17, The Tampa Bay Rays pounded CY Young Hopeful, Jared Weaver, as The Rays beat The Angels 12 to 3. In game 2 of the Angels-Rays Series (Saturday, August 18) The Angels had an 8-0 lead, only for The Rays to stage a comeback, and defeat The Angels 10-8. This was The Angels worse collapse of the 2012 Season, which put The Angels 8 games behind Texas in the AL West, and 3.5 games out of the Wild Card Race.
2013 & 2014 SEASONS:  Despite acquisitions of big Major League Stars such as Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton, The Angels were not even close to obtaining a play-off berth in 2013. It has now been a few years since The Angels have made the Play-offs. There has been some talk now of The Angels leaving the City of Anaheim, and a new stadium being built somewhere else in Orange County.

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