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PHASE ONE--TABLE TOPICS: This is the first phase of Club 873's Education Program, which is for "Impromtu Speaking." An Assigned Table Topics Master asks participants various questions, and each Table Topics Participant has to give a 1-2 minute "Off-the cuff" Speech in answer to that question. An Assigned Meeting Grammarian chooses a vocabulary "Word of the Day," and often, the Table Topics Master requires each participant to include the Word of the Day in his Table Topics Presentation in order to be eligible to win the Best Table Topics Speaker Award at the end of the meeting.
PHASE TWO--PREPARED SPEECHES: Two or three members of the club are selected to give prepared speeches at upcoming meetings. Prepared speakers are allowed to choose their own time pan needed to present the speech, and must stay within those time limits to be eligible for the Best Speaker Award (Little Mac named after the Club's Founder) at the end of the meeting. Generally, Prepared Speakers will not be called on for Table Topics or Speech Evaluations.
PHASE THREE--SPEECH EVALUATIONS: Each prepared speaker is assigned an evaluator to give an oral evaluation of his/her prepared speech. The Evaluators are introduced by the General Evaluator. The GE also evalautes the entire Club Meeting, and presents the "Dolores Howe Spark Plug Award," and the "Bone Award."

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