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I am a New Baseball Fan.

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I became a fan of a Team in the Long Beach Armada in 2005.  I became a Season Ticket Holder of The Armada in 2006. The Armada has been taking a couple year's hiatus. Meanwhile, I moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado and became a Colorado Springs Sky Sox Season Ticket Holder and Fan. I also like the Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers, but I am more into Minor League Baseball. The Long Beach Armada is suppose to return in 2012, and since they aren't in the same League as The Sky Sox, I will continue to support them. I am not a TV person when it comes to sports, including Baseball, but I like the ballpark, and I like to support various Pro Baseball teams, future Hall of Famers, and various other sports with web pages.

Cyber Sports*World.

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