Award Winning Speech.

NOTE: This speech was given in 2005, before the Angels vs. Anaheim Trial took place (in 2006).



Fellow Toastmasters and Honored Guests...
Two of my Twelve Websites are Disney Sites. One of my two Disney Sites, which I created in January of 2005, is entitled "Anaheim Angels Forever!" This is more of a Disney Site than it is a Baseball Site, because it is more about what I call "The Disney Capitol of the World," namely Anaheim and Orange County. The main theme of this website is "Stampimg out false advertising in Professional Sports." On January 3, 2005; The Owner of The Angels changed the name of the team from The Anaheim Angels to The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. This has resulted in a civil war in the Angels Fanbase between the fans in L.A. County and the fans in Orange County. The name change was suppose to open the door to more revenue from the media; however sportscasters like Joe Morgan, and various sportswritiers have been polking fun at the Angels during the last year. Was the name change a good idea?
I think I can best answer that question by posing a question of my own--"What good is an L.A. Brand, if you can't use it?" When The Angels won the 2005 Division Championship a couple of months ago, The MLB tried to produce Division Champion Shirts which read "2005 Division Champions--"The Los Angeles Angels." There were so many irate phone calls over this, Arte Moreno contacted The MLB, and asked them to remove "Los Angeles" from the shirts. The shirts now read "2005 Division Champions--The Angels." Throughout the entire season, the Announcer at Angels Stadium, at the beginning of each game, announced "Here are YOUR ANGELS." You notice that he didn't say "Here are your Los Angeles Angels." The reason for this is because if he had announced this, there probably would have been booing in the stands followed by rioting. The Angels couldn't risk this. When Arte Moreno bought the team from Disney, he did not say "If I buy this team from you, I will change the name of the team to the Los Angeles Angels, as I don't think Anaheim can cut it as far as  marketing this team goes." If he had told them this, Disney might not have sold him the team. So, Moreno looked Disney in the eye and said "There will be no changes."
So, was the name change a good idea? No! It has been a year now, and there is still civil war in the fan base. This issue is still blowing smoke every which way. The Angels are scheduled to go on trial for Breach of Contract in January of 2006. If the name change was a good idea, The Angels should be able to display "Los Angeles Angels" on all of their shirts and merchandise. If this was really a good idea, The Announcer should be able to say "Here are your Los Angeles Angels" without fear of there being booing and rioting in the stands. If this was really a good idea, the current owner shouldn't have had to lie to the previous owner in order to secure the sale of the team.  
So what does all of this say?
  • Drop the Phony L.A. Name.
  • Stamp out false advertising in Professional Sports.

Let's hope that a Jury of Twelve will make this a reality come January 2006.


Mr. Toastmaster.

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