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John Wayne International Airport--Orange County-
Services Anaheim/Orange County Area.
  1. Metropolitan Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine (OMB).
  2. Nickname for OMB Designation: "Orange County"
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 Even though the airport in Orange County, CA; is often called "John Wayne--Orange County Airport,"  the official title is simply "John Wayne Airport." The County of Orange has been wanting to officially add "Orange County" to the airport title, as they feel that there is too much confusion amoung travelers, because it only carries the name of a Movie Icon.  There is confusion, but I'm not so sure the cause of it is the official ommission of "Orange County" in the airport's official title. The most popular Destination Moniker for The John Wayne Airport is simply "Orange County." However, there seems to be more than one beng tossed around. The mailing Address for The John Wayne Airport is:
John Wayne-Orange County Airport
18601 Airport Way
Santa Ana, CA. 92707
The Airport sometimes is  refered to as the "Santa Ana Airport," Sometimes a "Santa Ana Destination Moniker" has been used for The John Wayne Airport, on the Internet, and by some Travel Agencies, and by U.S. Airways, a domestic airline in the U.S. One reason is that the abbreviation used is SNA. The John Wayne Airport could not "OCA" because it was already taken by another airport. The Airport is owned by the County of Orange. Any land owned by the county and unincorporated by any OC City has a Santa Ana Mailing Address. That is why The Airport came up with SNA. The Airport has a Santa Ana Mailing Address, but contrary to popular belief, it is not in the Santa Ana City Limits, or is it owned and operated by the city. A mere mailing address is The City of Santa Ana's only tie to this airport. Airgorilla.com and other sources on the Internet have also refered to JWA as the "Anaheim Airport." 
* * * *
 Since the Airport itself is not incorporated by any OC City, and is owned and operated by the County of Orange, the Arrival/Departure Monitors in airports throughout Most of the United States shows "Orange County" as the Destination, not Santa Ana or Anaheim.  Of the three geographical designations which have been used ( Orange County, Santa Ana, and Anaheim), Orange County is by far the most appropriate. In fact, the "Orange County" Destination Moniker refers to all 34 cities in the County of Orange, and is a synonym nickname for the "Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine Area (OMB Designation)"   All 34 cities in Orange County share the same airport equally, but Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine head up the Orange County Area, with Anaheim as the most prominate central city of the three.  
* * * *
Anaheim draws the most visitors to the John Wayne--Orange County Airport, and is the main economic force behind the airport's need for expansion. The mailing address is in Santa Ana. The John Wayne Airport is unincorporated, but it borders the City of Irvine (right across the street from MacArthur Blvd.), and Irvine is the business and resort hub for the airport. So as one can see, "Orange County," nickname for Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine, fits. I think all the airlines, U.S. Airports, travel agencies and travel websites just need to get on the same page and narrow the geographical designation from three down to one-- the one being "Orange County."
* * * *
In recent years, The John Wayne-Orange County Airport has been transformed from a Domestic Airport to an International Airport. It now has two terminals and the addition of one or two more terminals is being planned by the County of Orange in the near future.

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