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These are Orange County Sports I use to follow frequently during the years I lved in Southern California (The Anaheim Ducks I still do):

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Gene Autry's Angels moved to Anaheim, CA. in 1966, at the time I was being raised their as a boy. I was an Angels Fan from 1967 through to 2005. The team was called the California Angels from the time Gene Autry brought the team to Orange County until about 1997 when The Autry's sold the team to the Disney Corporation. Then the team became The Anaheim Angels. When Arte Moreno bought the team in 2003, he did the unthinkable in 2005, re-branding the team name with "Los Angeles"--a city where the team does not play. I have not been an Angels Fan since then. The Angels were quickly replaced by the Long Beach Armada. I still have kept some Angels Page Archives in CYBERCVANIA:

Anaheim Angels--Gene Autry Corner.

Anaheim Angels Name Change Curse.

Even though I was  a Long Beach Armada Fan in The GBL in Southern California, I also liked The Flyers, and rooted for them unless they were playing The Armada. The team started out as the Fullerton Flyers, and played under that name for the 2005 and 2006 Seasons, before the name was changed to the Orange County Flyers in 2007. The Flyers made it to the GBL Championship Series twice. The Fullerton Flyers lost the Championship to the Reno Silver Sox in 2006. The Orange County Flyers won the Championship against the Calgary Vipers in 2008. The Manager of the OC Flyers at the time they won the GBL Championship was the late Hall of Famer, Gary Carter. The Flyers Mascot is an Engineer Coyote named "Coal Train," who is very popular with the young fans. The flyers have fielded sluggers who were able to hit more than 20 homers in a season such as Peanut Williams, Jermy Acey, and Pat Breen. Former Angels Player, Scott Spiezio played for the Flyers one season. During 2010, when The Armada had temporarily dropped out of play, I became a Season Ticket Holder and National Anthem Singer for the Flyers in 2010, right before I moved to Colorado Springs. The Flyers uspended play during the 2011, but will return in the North American League (along with the Long Beach Armada) under its original name--The Fullerton Flyers.

The Arsenal was an NBA Development League Franchise which played for three seasons from 2006 through to 2009, when the team decided to mover to Springfield, MA. The team is now called the Springfield Armor. CYBERVANIA use to have a sub-site called: "Anaheim Arsenal on the Attack." The Anaheim Arsenal played at the Convention Center Arena in Anaheim, CA; and served as a farm team to the Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trailblazers, Atlanta Hawks, and the Orlando Magic. During the last two seasons before their move to Springfield, I was a Season Ticket Holder and National Anthem Singer for the Anaheim California. The Arsenal had never made it to The NBADL Play-offs during its three year stint. The Anaheim Arsenal hosted a Dance Team/Cheerleading Squad known as the "A-List Girls," who were very athletic and talented young college-age girls.

The Anaheim Bolts have just made their debut  in the Professional Arena Soccer League (PASL), in the same league with teams like the San Diego Sockers, the Phoenix Monsoon and the Tacoma Stars. The play their home games at the Anaheim Convention Center Arena. The Bolts played their debut season well during the Month of December 2011, but began to struggle in January and February of 2012. During this first season, The Bolts have walked away with a total of 8 victories. The Bolts has a very talented Dance Team made up of talented scholars.